Selling Is Everything

Selling is everything.

You are selling a product, your boss, a company to hire you, a customer, or your significant other.

Selling is not just knocking on doors. Selling is the entire purpose of a business.

Think about Steve Jobs. We never saw him unless he was selling us something. For Steve Jobs selling was everything.

Once we get past the notion that selling is not the used car salesman who causes us huge amounts of buyers remorse, we can look at how Sales functions within our organization.

The whole business should revolve around it.

In most businesses, if you are not on the Sales Team, your entire function is to support the Sales Team.

Three simple steps to ensure you are selling.


  • What is the customers problem.
  • What is the solution to that problem.
  • How does my solution bring value to the customer.

Simple. Straight forward. Timeless.

Selling is everything.

Good luck and good selling!

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