Change is not such a bad thing. Change allows people to grow. Businesses to evolve. New insights to be gained.

Change is not about changing just for the sake of changing. Changing just to avoid a difficult situation. Change should be progression.

Being willing to change is something else entirely. Being open to the possibility that business could be done a better way. Acknowledging that the way things have always been done, may not be the way they should continue.

For example:

The traditional way of selling and marketing is a method of interruption. Cold calling, knocking on doors, commercials, advertisements. Yes, some of this is necessary, but we become numb to its effects. Resulting in the need to have more frequency, and more intensity to receive the same desired effect.

The new way is one in which we optimize our chances of being discovered. The concept of inbound marketing. Providing things people would like to read, watch, and participate in. No longer interrupting. This is a fundamental shift in the way we look at business development.

Making a change is not easy. It is shifting how we see the world. By making a change, hopefully there is improvement.

In a world of zigs and zags, change could mean zagging while the world is zigging.

Good luck and good selling!

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