The Bottom Line

Discussing the bottom line conjures up two extremes.

The bottom line averse, and the bottom line aggressive.

The bottom line averse is an individual similar to the artist. The averse individual would like to create, whether a project is sustainable or not. Possibly an idealist. Making things perfect, delightful, and shareable.

The bottom line aggressive is the one who is all about the numbers. Can we drive the stock price higher? How are the profit margins? Where can we cut costs? This is liken to the investor.

Being at either extreme is not ideal. It pays to have a high concern for quality and uniqueness, but ensuring the bottom line is healthy so a project sustainable.

No concern for the bottom line will put you out of business.

All emphasis on the bottom line could drive quality down, causing loyal customers to leave.

The healthy spot is to be in the middle. Creating high quality products people love, while maintaining a healthy bottom line so you can do it again tomorrow.

Good luck and good selling!

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