Do You Think Jack White Would Have Coffee With Me?

I have an obsession with Jack White. (For those who do not know who Jack White is, please click here.) This includes The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, and Jack White. If he joins a fifth band I will probably like them too.

You could say I am one of his “True Fans”.

This obsession could be bad for my health.

Does this make me a stalker?

I don’t think so. I haven’t actually approached him yet. Maybe after the writing of this article, he will notice me. Maybe he will want to get coffee with me? Probably not.

My obsession is about more than his music. It is his style of business. I don’t think he considers himself a businessman. I’ve heard him say many times he is an artist (in interviews on YouTube).

Artists have to sell too. They need to make a living somehow.

The reason I have an obsession with Jack White is two-fold. He is creative and he is a hustler. I like people who hustle. Hustlers have ambition.

I turn to Jack White and his musical career because it teaches me how to be better in business. His style is unique, memorable, and authentic. He is like the blues version of Taylor Swift, before Taylor Swift was Taylor Swift.

They are both authentic, and they both go on rants about the state of the music industry. People like to be outraged by this. You can’t fault them for having opinions.

As you sit back and enjoy some hard hitting blues riffs with Jack White; let’s discuss five business concepts he excels at.

Jack White Authenticity

Jack White is authentic. This is what makes him appealing. Jack White exemplifies authenticity in the way he plays and writes music. Jack White’s music is stripped to its roots. Simple, hard-hitting blues. So simple in fact, his first band was only two members (The White Stripes).

Authenticity is important in business. Nobody likes to buy something from someone who is fake. It is like ordering Cheese Cake at the Cheese Cake Factory, only to later find out it was fat-free. That would enrage me.

Authenticity is about telling the truth and creating value.


Jack White is a master at branding. Every project he does has a brand. The White Stripes had a red, white, and black color scheme. His current band, everything is powder blue. His color scheme creates an association with his brand.

This attention to detail is everything. His brand is one of classic simplicity. You will never see him in “normal street clothes” because this does not go with his brand. He will either be in an eccentric suit, or clothing to match the color of his show.

Creating a personal brand is essential. This is what makes you different and memorable.


Jack White is original. He was the first to create a two-piece band (in the 90s). He even said this in Rolling Stone, saying the Black Keys copied him.

To be original, Jack White writes all his music, unless otherwise specified for a 1920’s blues cover. He believes in creating an original work of art every time he plays.

It is said creativity is the new literacy. Creating an original solution for your clients is a great way to separate yourself from the competition. We are seeing this in all forms of products. People want a more personal connection.


Jack White is connected with his audience. He makes a point to be in tune with who he is playing for. This is why Jack White doesn’t play with a setlist.

I saw Jack White for the first time live in August 2014. This show changed how I viewed a Rock concert. He connected with me. The show was in San Francisco and was the second show of a two-night stand. Completely different setlist than the first night. He even played a cover song dedicated to the Oakland Athletics (my favorite baseball team).

Connecting with your customers helps you form a relationship. Relationships are important for a multitude of reasons. Most importantly, creating opportunities to grow accounts.


Last but not least, Jack White is a hustler. Jack White has four bands, three of which he is actively writing and creating music with. This is on top of a record store, record label, and recording studio (Third Man Records).

I find his drive inspiring. I wish I had that many projects.

Sales is about hustling. At times it is a numbers game. So do as Jack White and have many “projects” at once.

Jack White, on the surface, seems as though he belongs at a different time in history. Maybe the 1950s. This is what I think of when I see his brand. It is what makes him Jack White, and it is working for him.

Now that I have sung Jack White many praises, maybe he will get coffee with me.

Good luck and good selling!

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