Delaying The Launch

Businesses—whether a conglomerate, Startup, or any size in between—make a big deal about The Launch.

The conglomerate might put large sums of money, time, and research into ensuring a product is going to be a success. It is about mitigating the risk associated with potential failure.

The Startup will seek funding based on a minimal viable product (MVP). Resulting in its ability to go back to the drawing board, perfect the product, and do further research and market testing. The goal being the same as the conglomerate. Mitigating the potential risk of failure.

“The Launch” is about starting. Starting to sell to clients. Starting to build an organization. Starting to hire employees.

We fail to launch for two reasons: timing and fear.

Timing a launch can be an important step to have the largest initial effect of publicity and attention. This could provide the needed traction to get things moving.

Timing a launch could also be a question of whether the market is ready for your product. The need may not have built enough momentum. The problem you solve is not great enough to justify paying for it. The company is not prepared to rapidly scale.

Fear of launching, on the other hand, is having a lack of confidence. Lack of confidence in the preparation and research conducted. Being unsure whether things will work out. By not launching, you can hide for just a bit longer behind “building”. Delaying potential rejection or massive success. Both could be difficult to manage.

Launching can be scary. You might ask:

What if they don’t love our product?

What if they don’t love our organization?

What if I chose the wrong strategy?

What if they won’t buy from me?

Sometimes, no matter how much research is conducted, the flaws in a product will be unknown until the market provides feedback. It might be better to launch and fix problems along the way. Delay could mean spending more money, discussing the same problems, and not moving forward.

Timing a launch may provide the necessary environment to be effective.

Fear of launching might be the reason you should just take a deep breath and dive in head first.

Good luck and good selling!

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