Delegation—Empower Those Around You

Delegating tasks is about empowering people. It lightens your work load. It is inclusive.

Failure to delegate puts the pressure on. All the responsibility is yours. Therefore, when things do not get done, as they may not, there is only one person to blame.

An unwillingness to relinquish control and delegate, shows there is a lack of trust in those you work with. A lack of trust in the system you created. A failure to define and explain a vision. It provides no upward opportunities for those you work with.

Delegation is a skill, which requires developing a system that can be repeated. It means defining your vision, your companies vision, and finding the correct people to execute that vision.

Delegation requires trust in your ability to hire, develop a vision, and build a scalable system.

Executing well in these three areas is how you create a highly functioning team. When there is a team, there can be a culture. With a culture you can have a shared vision. This results in working towards a common goal. Something to bond, connect with, and share.

Everybody has strengths. It is best to delegate tasks to those who have the strengths to execute them flawlessly.

Good luck and good selling!

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