You are going to love this…

You are going to love this…

Is a loaded statement. As if when you do not love this, the person sharing their love with you will be offended.

What could be more appropriate is “I love this and want to share it with you”.

It could be a product, a restaurant, or a book. The receiver may not like it as much as you, but would most likely be delighted to experience it anyways.

There is a Mexican Restaurant in the town where I grew up. The restaurant is Anita’s. If you are in Livermore, you have to go there. In my opinion, it is the best Mexican Food; ever.

Now, you may like it or you may not like it. Either way, I would like to share the restaurant with you. If you don’t enjoy it, I will not be offended.

Seeing as you may not enjoy this restaurant as much as I do, “You are going to love this…” is not applicable here. But, “I love this and want to share it with you” is.

It is not so important to love the same things, experiences, and think the same way. More importantly, it is about sharing, as you may give someone else a new found love.

Good luck and good selling!

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