Control the Controllable’s

Predictors of success are as varied as the weather. Predictable results can help. And to drive predictable results, we can control the controllable’s.

Often, the results we have to deliver can seem unreachable. Business growth does not happen in a linear fashion. At times, it’s sporadic.

All we can do is focus on what is in our control and execute.

Control the controllable’s and let the results follow.

Control the Controllable’s

What can we control?

We can control:

The process

The process we use to drive our results. To increase productivity. The process we choose is the principles, tactics, and habits we execute daily. It’s like compound interest for our business.

Sleep schedule

The time we wake up and go to bed. Sleep is important.

Activity level

The number of calls we make, emails we send, blog posts we write, and customers we see. We can control our activity and put ourselves in a position for success.

Showing up

If, and when, we show up. Consistently showing up is the hardest part.

Office hours

More hours do not guarantee better results. But, we need to put in the work.

Continuous learning

Seeking further improvement. We all have something to learn. We’re all amateurs at something.

For most business, positive results are not guaranteed. The economy can be poor. Or, a star client is sick on the last day of the quarter. So, no last-minute deal to make quota.

Manufacturing is on back order. Shipping didn’t get the order out. Our proposal was not brought up at our prospects meeting. Meetings were canceled. Our contact changed companies.

It may seem as though our company and clients are plotting against our success.

These are all issues outside of our control. All can result in negative outcomes. Thus, a focus on what we can control is the only path forward.

What is in our control are the habits we use, the principles we follow, and the tasks we accomplish.

We may not be able to control the end result, but we can control the process.

Let’s put our focus there and control the controllable’s.

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