Look for a back door

Look for a back door

The warehouse building was open to the street. It had a lobby, but that’s where the receptionist sits.

That is an immediate rejection.

My chance is driving around back. Where the shipping trucks pull up to the building and load, or unload, the shipments from places unknown. The back, which is where I sell my services, is relatively unsecured. I could probably rob the place.

I won’t. I’m just trying to make a living.

What occurs next is me walking through the back door of the warehouse. I think I look like I know where I’m going.

You shouldn’t tell my manager because the account might throw me out.

But, this tends to be the fastest way to speak to my preferred call point. The maintenance manager.

Yes, there is a way I am supposed to do things. Call the front desk, ask for an appointment, and get rejected. The process, which does not work in my favor, needs to be circumvented.

Thus, I walk in the back door. Like I know where I am going. Like I’m on a mission. When you act like you belong, the likelihood of being thrown out goes down. I understand people hate being dropped in on. But, if I wait for a call back, I will never make quota. I’d get fired.

So, I trained myself to look for the back door. The path with the least resistance. It’s not glamorous, and it is likely to upset prospects. Though at times, it is very effective.

There’s a process and a way of doing things. Unfortunately, the way of doing things may not get us what we want. A sale, a promotion, or a new client.

Thus, we have to look for a back door.

Look for a back door

The idea of looking for the back door is not my own. It actually came from a James Altucher Podcast. One where the interviewee worked at HBO in the HR department. Then, began managing comedians.

Working in the HR department as an assistant filing papers was the interviewees back door. She wanted to work in comedy. She knew HBO was the right place. Rather than enter through the front door, which was the comedy department, or whatever department comedians are in, she entered in HR.

Interesting choice. I thought about it, and at times, I had done something similar. I think we all have.

The best path forward might not be straight ahead. It could be circling the building, and arriving in the back. We have to look for a back door.

When I finally found the maintenance manager, he asked me to leave. Not politely. I guess when I went looking for the back door I didn’t end up managing a comedian. Or making a sale.

I hope you find a back door that has stairs leading to the executive suite, pot of gold, or a lifestyle that makes you proud.

Don’t worry, I’m still looking too.

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