Learning is a skill

Learning is difficult.

Learning is the result of making mistakes

To move forward, learning is necessary. 

Being a fast learner isn’t nearly as important as a desire and willingness to learn.

The reason being, learning causes mistakes. Making mistakes causes the learning process to get difficult and slow. That is when the real learning begins.

Unfortunately, if your desire is to learn fast, when the difficult learning process becomes slow, as it surely will, you may quit.

Desire and willingness to make mistakes and endure the slow process of learning will help you make progress each day.

When a 1% change can be the difference in making quota or not, learning a new approach may be worth it.

Being willing to learn a new approach is a unique skill. It means you’re willing to admit your current approach doesn’t work. It takes being able to admit that you’re wrong.

Learning is a skill. A skill of desire, willingness and being unconcerned that it is slow.

Good luck and good selling!

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