Being authentic like Bukowski

He proceeded to drink copious amounts of wine on French national T.V.

It turned into a scene.

Charles Bukowski was in France on a book tour and was being interviewed on French T.V.

His friends and family were embarrassed.

He didn’t apologize.

He wrote about it.

Authentic, raw, and in detail. That’s what Bukowski does. There is no sugar coating in the stories he tells.

Some enjoy Bukowski. Some think he’s a drunk hack.

Regardless, he’s authentic.

At a time in post war industrialized America, where we idolized wholesome Leave it to Beaver life, he brought the raw emotions people actually felt every day.

It’s the everyday life of working-class America that he represents.

Bukowski had no polished, rehearsed highlight reel.

What Bukowski illustrates, is we have a desire for things that feel human. Things that are a little imperfect.

It’s probably why emails that have a typo in the subject line have better open rates. Our instinct tells us a human wrote this.

Sprinkling a little Bukowski style authenticity in our marketing can make us seem human. We become more accessible to our audience.

Like Bukowski, be authentic.

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