Coffee and great marketing

In Frankfurt, there is a specific coffee you drink.

Wackers Kaffee.

It’s just what you do.

Frankfurt is a finance town. So, if you go around lunch time on a weekday, all the financiers form a line out the door to get their after-lunch coffee.

On Saturday, if you head down to Wackers Kaffee, there is a line out the door of weekend shoppers.

And, any day you head down there around 2 pm, there are people having afternoon cake and coffee. Every table is taken.

Needless to say, it’s always full. It is the coffee you drink in Frankfurt.

And, it’s delicious. The best coffee I’ve ever had. I’m partial to their Cubano roast. It’s smooth and a little nutty. And as an American, it feels a little like you’re drinking contraband.

They’ve been around since 1914.

They’ve survived two world wars and they consistently produce great coffee.

Obviously, to make it that long, you don’t rely on being trendy.

You build relationships with your customers. One at a time. You establish yourself as a valued member of the community. Showing up day after day for decades building your brand.

When successful, that brand leads itself to the holy grail of word of mouth.

That is what great marketing does.

If you’re ever in Frankfurt, I highly recommend stopping by Wackers Kaffee.

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