Getting on the wrong bus

When not in quarantine, I mostly bike to work.

Occasionally I take the bus.

When taking the bus, my stop has three lines. If you’re not careful, you can pick the wrong one.

It’s difficult, because the wrong bus line travels the same direction as the right bus line. Right until the wrong bus line makes a right turn instead of a left. That right turn offers you one stop before you head onto the freeway.

That one stop usually isn’t enough time to realize what you’ve done.

Then, you’re suddenly in the base of the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco rather than at the stop in front of your office in Oakland.

The thing is, if you take enough busses, you’re going to get on the wrong line.

At least once. It’s just statistics.

If you never get on the wrong line, it probably means you’re not doing it enough.

It’s like trying things. If you try enough things, something isn’t going to work. If everything you do works, it means you’re not doing enough things.

The solution is consistently showing up and consistently doing a lot.

Often, we have no idea what’s going to work. Trying is the only way to find out.

And, if you make a mistake and end up at the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco, it’s a short ride in the other direction to get you to where you want to be.

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