You Need A Better Email Signature

Did you send another email from your phone with “sent from my iPhone” at the bottom?

If this is you, you’re committing the most basic of all email signature crimes. The crime is missing out on a beautiful opportunity to engage with your customers. Alert them to ways to connect with you. Build a better email signature.

By not taking the time to craft a better email signature, you’re telling your customers you don’t pay attention to detail.

All this is conveyed in an auto-generated four-word phrase. That’s pretty powerful. But, there’s no need to worry. You can remedy this with a few tricks from the marketing department. It will increase your use of technology in your sales strategies.

Why a Better Email Signature

You need an elegant email signature. It’s a simple way to convey legitimacy. An email signature provides ways for you and your customers to connect.

This can be through social media, directing them to a website, or alerting them of all the products you represent.

I am a believer that all contact with a prospect, colleague, or customer is an opportunity to provide value. We can educate them.

This means every email should have a place for a call to action. A resource your customer to use, and a way to track all this information.

What Your Email Should Include

There are some obvious items that an effective email should include. Also, some not so obvious, but very effective ones. A great email signature should have:

  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Company
  • Contact Information (phone, email, fax, address, etc.)
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Websites
  • Products of Interest
  • Resources

The above list is quite extensive. You don’t need to include every item. You should focus on what is relevant to your customers. If you find that social selling is becoming a large part of your business, then social media profiles are important.

Resources and products of interest are great ways to alert customers of new products. You can provide pertinent industry information. Really, anything you believe could aid them in a purchasing decision.

Email Signature Design Inspiration

Once you have determined what items are relevant to your customers, it’s time to find some inspiration.

You don’t want an email signature that is large and filled with images. A prospects email server may view your email as SPAM. Here are a couple examples for inspiration:

better email signature example better email signature example 2

Where To Begin Building

Now that you have some inspiration and have determined what to include in your signature, there are a few places you can build your email signature.

As you build links in your email signature, whether it is for resources, website, or social media profiles, you want to be able to track what is being clicked. A few great resources for link shortening and link tracking are:

Google Link Shortening


Next, you will want to have ways for your customers to follow you on social media. This is a great way to stay in touch on a daily basis. You can use the above resources to create a trackable link. Then, you can place that link in an image of the social media platform you would like to direct your customers. The following article has a great detailed process for this.

Add Your Social Media Icons

Now that you have an idea of how to build your email signature, you can take some time to craft a thoughtful email signature for your audience.

Good luck and good selling!

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