And Then The Marketers Show Up

When marketing shows up, the party is ruined.

Marketing is your friend Karen.

Spam is the result of marketing. Nobody likes spam. 

There are countless examples of marketing ruining something great. 

Newspapers. Radio. Telephone. Television. Mail. Email. The Internet. Social Media. Podcasting. They will most likely ruin whatever comes next.

In each medium, the cause of frustration is having to wade through the marketing messages to get to something valuable. When using Google, the first three results tend to be from a corporate content marketing team. I am guilty as charged. 

It seems every great medium of communication has the early adopters, and then the Marketers show up. It is another place to spread their message.

I recently came across the term UnMarketing.


In UnMarketing, the basic premise is to market to others as you would like to be marketed to. The same can be said for sales. Sell to others the way you would like to be sold to. 

It is like a marketers take on the old adage: “do unto others…”.

To cut through the noise, the competitive advantage may be to take the UnMarketing or UnSales approach. No doubt it is more difficult, takes longer, but the results might provide more engaged customers.

This path may not appease the quarterly results, but the numbers may become less volatile.

Let us consider UnMarketing and UnSelling as our approach to growing business.

Good luck and good UnSelling!

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