One Reason People Will Not Buy From You

There are many reasons people will not buy from you. 

There’s also many reasons they would. 

I want to mention one reason people are not buying from you.

The reason is time.

Actually, this has nothing to do with you. 

It has everything to do with the fact that moving your solution through the approval process is difficult. It will take your prospect away from their current job. 

A job they already do not have enough time for. A boss might say: “should you really be focusing on this?”

In this one question, your initiative is dead.

This is the battle, as a sales professional, you have to overcome.

How do I overcome this?

I have found two ways that help.

  1. Spend more time in discovery
  2. Move on

The first, you need to ask questions. Dive into the real reason there is hesitation. This might be helping to re-identify the problem the prospect is facing. Help them understand the urgency of their problem. Only then can you provide the prospect a reason to advocate for your solution.

The second is more difficult. When the prospect says they really like your product, but continue to put you on the back burner, it might be time to part ways. Sometimes the difference between failure and success is knowing how quickly to move on. The company was not a good match at this time. Merely stay in contact.

The buying process is complicated. Sometimes, there are too many internal barriers. Your prospects company is preventing you from closing a deal in a reasonable amount of time.

Best to decide whether it is time to move on.

Good luck and good selling!

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