Paint A Picture; It’s Worth 1000 Words

Imagery is powerful. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Thus, we need to paint a picture when selling.

And, it is no wonder that image posts on Social Media outperform non-image posts more than 2 to 1. An image has the ability to cause us to imagine ourselves performing what the image represents.

Companies are good at creating marketing campaigns to get us to picture ourselves using their products. They paint a picture. Utilizing beautiful people, scenarios we all experience, and images that can cause us to think of a time or situation where we need to use the product. This is common practice.

Most of the time we do not even realize this is occurring. The power of imagery has the ability to move us closer to making a purchase decision.

In sales, we do not have the luxury of sitting in a board room thinking of great marketing campaigns. We are out having normal conversations with people.

So how do we create that same effect? The effect where our customer can picture themselves using our products.

Sales people need to be great conversationalists. To be more specific, painters. Painters that use words as their paint, and the person on the other end of the conversation as the canvas.

Here are few ways to paint a picture.

Start with questions

Questions help to better understand the problems your customer may face. Thus, give you insight into possible solutions you can create. With this understanding, you now have the ability to create the solution.

The solution is your image.

Be descriptive

Use descriptive language to talk about your product, as well as the uses of your product. This means being specific, so the customer can follow what you are saying.

There is no room for misinterpretation.

Create a situation

Create a scenario in which the customer could use your product. Be a storyteller that can put the customer at the center of the situation, which the use of your product is necessary to come to a resolution.

Ask if there is a situation

If you have recently given a great pitch about all the great things your product will do, ask the customer if they can think of a use for your product. Bring the customer so far as to describe the scenario in which they would use the product.

Visualizing a situation and working through the use of something new can make a change or transition easier.

Do you picture yourself using products before purchasing?

Good luck and good selling!

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