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I am religious in my morning routine. I have come to look forward to it. A big part of that routine is shaving.

I enjoy shaving in the morning and I find it quite therapeutic. Like meditating before the crazy of the day begins.

This was not always the case. There was a point when I dreaded shaving. The arduous morning necessity, so it didn’t look like I was out too late the night before. So I was presentable for the work day ahead.

Then about a year ago, at a Bachelor Party, I was shown the light. I was enlightened on the pleasures of a classic double-edged safety razor. It seems great things can happen at a Bachelor Party, and sometimes things you can discuss after.

What occurred was a lengthy discussion about shaving. A discussion about the proper way to shave. To shave with a double-edged safety razor.

I had never given it much thought as I used an electric razor out of what I thought was convenience. I came to find this was a bad life choice. A double edge razor was the way to go, with a great shave soap. It may take 5 more minutes in the morning, but your face will thank you.

How did this occur?

It came from a trusted friend. After a lengthy monolog about the benefits of a double-edged safety razor, I was sold. I was so convinced, that I did a months worth of research, and bought all the supplies.

This is the power of a referral.

My friend did not receive any monetary benefit to his referral of me to this new way of living. Essentially, this was out of the goodness of his heart. He enjoyed this method of shaving so much, he decided to share it with me.

Your clients want to do this for you if you provide them with a compelling reason. Provide clients with extreme value, and they too will sing exceptional praise.

Referrals are the most qualified leads you can get. Look at how I switched my entire morning routine over a referral and recommendation from a trusted source.

Make your clients a trusted source for you. Better yet, ask your clients to be a trusted source.

Ask referral questions like:

Do you have any colleagues that may be interested?

Could you recommend me to someone?

Is there anybody else I should be speaking with?

Do you have any industry meetings I could attend with you?

This could provide the opportunity to get the highest quality source to spread the word of your business. If you provide something outstanding, your clients will be happy to recommend you.

Will you recommend my blog to a friend?

Good luck and good selling!

P.S. If you dread shaving in the morning, I highly recommend making the switch to a double-edged safety razor. You can begin your research here; for ladies: here.

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