Finding a specific audience

Bicycles and coffee.

Two things I hold dear.

It happens that there is a coffee shop in Oakland that is dedicated to these two things.

Bicycle Coffee.

They deliver coffee to their shops and retailers on bicycles.

It helps their coffee is delicious.

It’s the closest I’ve found to the best coffee I’ve had, which is Wackers Kaffee in Frankfurt. I wrote about them a few weeks ago.

Bicycle Coffee is becoming more popular in Oakland, with a new location in the base of the building I used to work in.

They hit a specific audience. People who love coffee and bicycles.

Getting specific and focusing on your niche. This is great marketing out in the wild.

They got me. Two things I love combined into one.

Coffee and bicycles.

It feels like it was made for me.

I guess that’s the point of great marketing.

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