Yellow Journalism


Attention grabbing headlines.

Getting you to read the story today. Regardless of facts.

Does this sound like modern media?

Well, it was the state of journalism in the late 1800s.

Newspapers were designed to sell now.

They needed your attention today, regardless of what was to come tomorrow.

It’s known as yellow journalism.

What is interesting about yellow journalism is what came after.

The New York Times.

The first subscription newspaper that changed journalism for the 20th century.

Which, led to more subscription newspapers.

Then, we got ground breaking stories, like The Pentagon Papers.

Today, we would call yellow journalism click bait or fake news.

It’s everywhere. It’s because of the internet. It’s why I can publish this.

Money is made on ad revenue from impressions.

This is a similar model yellow journalism operated with in the 1800s.

We think this might be a problem.

The best part about problems is that we get to find solutions.

Actually, it’s the only way we get solutions. It’s our path to something better.

It’s not fast. A problem has to get bad enough that we’re willing to pay for the solution.

At that point, the problem is worth solving.

Then, you have a product, you have marketing, and you have a business.

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