Why Should I Work With You?

Selling is simple.

Anybody can do it, and everybody should do it.

This is how you “Win Friends and Influence People”.

Selling is not about hoodwinking or pressuring. It is about believing what you posses is of so much value, you have an obligation to present it in the most attractive way to a potential recipient.

Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Growth Hacking. Call it what you want, but the goal is to share what you possess with others.

The simple process is this:

Sell Yourself

People buy from people they trust. Selling yourself is about building trust and educating someone why they should work with you.

The client is asking: “What can you do for me?”

Sell Your Company

Why should someone partner with your company? Is your company innovative? Do they provide excellent customer service?

What is the reason why someone should work with your company. The value proposition.

Sell Your Product

What problem is your product going to solve? Will your product make the clients life easier? Save them money? Generate them more business?

Answering these questions will make it easier to share the value of your product with clients.

After all, taking these steps is not being pushy. If you have something of value, be it a product, skills for a job, or an idea for improvement at work, you have an obligation to sell it.

Why should people do business with you?

Good luck and good selling!

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