Welcome to 2020

Let’s hope it can offer us a lot.

Potentially, it can offer a:

  • Way to start new.
  • Change of course.
  • Continuation of activities from the last year. Maybe the last decade.

For me, there are a lot of things I am looking forward to this year. Mostly, continuing stuff I have started (and stopped but would like to restart) over the past year and decade.

For example, I’m riding my bike, running, and hiking regularly. I would like to see if I can hit 3,000 miles in 2020. That’s about 250 miles a month. I hit this most months, so it should be attainable.

I started a marketing blog, Red Bike Marketing. It’s been about 2 years in the making. I am looking forward to publishing a detailed post about marketing each month. I think that’s about what I can handle.

Also, I run a quarterly meetup with some of my colleagues, East Bay Marketers. They are all free. We’d love it if you join.

Lastly, I want to pick my weekly newsletter back up. Which, is why you’re hearing from me today.

Like everyone, I’ve tried doing new year’s resolutions, where I start doing new things in the new year. It never seems to work for me.

That’s why I am taking the approach of just maintaining things I am already doing. And doing those with consistency. This feels like a lofty enough goal.

Tony Robbins mentioned in his Netflix special that we over estimate what we can do in a day, but under estimate what we can do in a year.

Anthony Iannarino has said the same thing. But, he references how much you can accomplish in a decade.

Seth Godin teaches us how to accomplish a lot in a decade. He tells us to consistently show up and do the work.

Which, brings me back to my plans for 2020. Continuing what I have been doing with consistency. You could say I did end up with a new year’s resolution.

Building consistency.

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