When Ziggy Stardust made his first appearance, Rock and Roll hadn’t quite seen that level of glam.

If it had, it was in small doses.

When David Bowie brought Ziggy Stardust to life, this wasn’t his first album. He’d already had four. And had hits.

But, in what would become an innate skill that seems to define Bowie, he shed what he was doing before and gave birth to Ziggy Stardust.

His iconic character that was featured on just two albums.

Then, Ziggy Stardust was dead.

Bowie moved on to his next project, leaving behind the past. But, not before he left a huge influence on rock.

He would go on to dramatically change personas as he released albums. Each one creating new influence in music.

Effectively reinventing himself each time.

A master of reinvention.

It’s a bold strategy, even for an artist.

Being able to reinvent yourself and stay relevant over decades of music.

What this shows us, though, is what we were doing yesterday does not have to define the work we do tomorrow.

What our brand stood for yesterday can evolve. At times, even dramatically.

We might have to do this to create the influence we want.

Just like Bowie, we’re allowed to reinvent ourselves and our businesses.

Who knows, we might just create the next Ziggy Stardust.

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