How To Manage Your Google Plus Page

The social media mix is daunting.

What platforms should I be on?

Where are my customers located?

How do I manage my social media accounts?

These are all questions that we seem to be faced with when trying to build our digital brand.

The question you need to ask is: what platforms are your customers are on?

Then, engage with those platforms. A lot.

Most companies should be on Facebook, but not everybody should be on LinkedIn. Some on Google+ and others on twitter.

Once you’ve decided what platforms are best, then it is time to decide how to engage. In this post we are going to focus on how to manage your Google Plus page. It is a powerful engagement tool for a business page and can be useful for social selling.

Google+ is unlike other social media platforms and it takes some time to figure out and master.

There are features, such as hangouts, groups, and communities you can be a part of. To become engaged on Google+, here are a few topics to consider.

Then, decide how to manage your Google Plus page and presence.

What Is Google+?

Google+ is the social network that Google developed to compete with Facebook. It is a significantly more powerful tool for business.

Google+ allows you to follow and connect with your friends and colleagues and put them in to circles. These circles add layers that allow you to connect to different people for different subjects.

What this allows you to do is engage with individuals on a deeper level and in a more specific way.

Why Google+

Google+ is a part of Google.

Google+ will allow you to improve your search results, as well as connect your Google+ to your pages. This is powerful as it creates a seamless integration of your business pages on Google+ and your website.

Also, if you are utilizing Adwords, then you need Google+ to help maximize the efficacy of your Adwords campaign. Google+ will also allow people to +1 your page right from Google search results. This improves the search results of your pages.

Google+ will take some time to understand, but the metrics are very powerful.

How to Manage Your Google Plus Page

Google+ pages is a page for businesses.

As a Google+ user you will have a private account associated with your Gmail. Then a business account that will allow you to promote your business. If you are a business you will want to be a page, and in this way, you can converse with your potential customers.

This is the way you engage and start conversations about topics related to your industry.

Google+ Engagement

The engagement of Google+ is to set different people into different circles. Then, begin to engage with those individuals.

This engagement will allow you to have very specific conversations with customers and connections. This creates a deep level of engagement.

The engagement is to provide product feedback, enhance lead conversion, and keep a customer engaged. The result is more use of your products.

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