Local Community Engagement

I saw Billy Joe Armstrong, the front man for Green Day, live for the first time in 2019.

For being a fairly big Green Day fan, it took me a long time to get around to seeing him live.

When I saw Billy Joe Armstrong, it was with a side project band called The Longshot.

They happened to be playing at a small club in Oakland. I think it stands maybe 200 people.

This is the exact setting I have always wanted to see Green Day or Billy Joe Armstrong.

The main reason is Oakland is his home town. And the feel of the show is local.

He actually plays quite a lot of local shows in small clubs in Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco.

Whether it is with Green Day, The Cover Ups, The Foxboro Hot Tubs, or The Longshot.

He will tend to just show up at places and play.

Which, for someone who does stadium tours around the world, it’s pretty cool to see them in an intimate setting in a small club.

What Billy Joe Armstrong is great at by doing this is local community engagement. He is heavily engaged in the Oakland community.

It’s where he got his start with Green Day and it’s where he lives.

It’s a reminder that we like to see local community engagement.

As marketers, regardless of how big we are, engaging with our local customers is a great way to keep a pulse on what our customers want.

Giving back to our local city is something to enjoy.

It’s special and you can only have it one place.

Just like getting to see a hometown show.

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