Helping Products Spread

When there isn’t time to meet, but you need to show a colleague how to do something, an email or screen shots may not be sufficient.

That’s why you use a product like Loom.

You can record your screen and a video to explain relatively complex things.

My colleague shared a video with me to do exactly this. I watched it, then proceeded to sign up for Loom and share a video of my own with a different colleague.

Slowly, Loom began to spread in our company.

Some of our colleagues were even using Loom to send videos to clients.

Then, we received an email from Loom. They mentioned our colleagues were using the product and wanted to see if we’d like to chat.

This outreach was their attempt to find our champion and help Loom spread further.

We know products spread bottom up and with a champion.

Rather than let that be a black box, it makes sense to find ways influence that process. By finding our champion and helping them spread our products wider and faster in their organization.

Ultimately, to get organizational awareness and buy-in.

The question isn’t whether your product is spreading in an organization. We know that it will.

The real question is how do we find the champion, or couple of champions, doing the spreading. Then, help them spread it wider and faster.

Products spread, but they need help.

How are you helping your champions spread your products?

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