Good Reasons

“There’s always a good reason and there’s always a real reason.” – James Altucher

We like to be lied to. We like to make up reasons justifying why we do things.

Most of the time they are good reasons. I would say very good reasons. But not real reasons.

There are good reasons and real reasons for everything.

Here are a few examples of good reasons and real reasons:

Good reason: Prospect says “I am not interested at this time.”

Real reason: Your priority is not my priority. You did not show me enough value to make your product urgent.

Good reason: I don’t have time to do “X”.

Real reason: “X” is not important enough to make a priority.

Good reason: You’re price is too high.

Real reason: You did not convey your value, therefore I view your product as a commodity. Thus, I want commodity pricing.

A good reason may disguise itself as the real reason. Most likely, we want it to be. Until we identify the real reason, we cannot change or improve.

What are your real reasons?

Good luck and good selling!

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