How do you send an email in Germany?

Get to the point in the first line.

That’s how you format an email in Germany.

At least, according to my friend.

Not sure how it started, but my friend and I got onto the topic of email communication differences between the Americans and the Germans.

The difference is American emails begin with pleasantries and background. Then, you get to the point and your ask at the end.

German emails require your point be in line 1.

This cultural norm, while seemingly small on the surface, might have a big impact in how we communicate.

For me, I realized this might be a key reason why my email marketing campaigns were not performing as well in the European market.

It’s the translation vs. localization debate. Even if you speak the same language.

It’s easier than ever to take your company global. Thus, we’ll run into these situations more often.

Instinctively, we know these nuances matter.

But, it’s good to remind ourselves there are differences. Large and small.

And that’s ok.

We should acknowledge them. Make the necessary changes, even if we don’t agree with the difference.

Who knows, it could be why your marketing campaign is underperforming.

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